Putting Words to Pixels Once Again

Blogging used to be one of my biggest joys in life, talking about gadgets and web development on my old Tumblr blog. I’m still proud about how I was writing stuff interesting enough that I occasionally caught the attention of prominent tech bloggers; I even had a post discussed on John Siracusa’s Hypercritical podcast, as well as a funny name drop on Marco Arment’s Build and Analyze podcast. That was certainly the height of my popularity, limited though it was, but it was quite validating to see that my ideas were worthy of attention, and to be part of a community of like-minded tech enthusiasts.

That was seven years ago, and for the past three years I haven’t really blogged at all. Of course, losing the two-factor authentication codes for my Tumblr blog and locking myself out of it forever certainly didn’t help. Since then I’ve changed jobs a couple times, not to mention getting married - our second child is due in a few short weeks - which has all been a bit distracting, and I haven’t really gave much thought to writing.

Tonight I’ve decided to give it another go, aiming to make great contributions to a community that I’ve not been a part of for some time. Wish me luck!

Jim Cloudman @jimcloudman