Jim Cloudman

Hello, Ghost!

September 20, 2015 Permalink

If you're reading this right now then the switch from Tumblr to Ghost, necessitated by the two-factor-authentication screwup I had with Tumblr, went fairly successfully. Ghost is a simple and well-crafted blogging platform, with a laser focus on writing articles as opposed to all the social noise of Tumblr or the extensible mess that is WordPress.

The biggest issue so far is that any external links to articles are now effectively ruined. The only way to prevent that was to build my own blogging engine or modify the hell out of an existing one, and I decided that wasn't a smart use of my time. It's a good thing I haven't been blogging much over the last couple of years, so nobody's bothered to link to me. (If you can really call that a good thing...)

I was able to use the Tumblr to Ghost webapp written by José Padilla to migrate my old Tumblr posts into Ghost, so I do at least have my old articles even if the links are broken. The RSS feed address should be the same as before as well, though I suspect there may be some duplicate entries in the feed readers. My apologies!

I feel bad about all the breakage and changes, but I'm glad to have all this behind me now. I can focus on writing again.