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Jeff Atwood: "Why I'm The Best Programmer In The World*"

August 6, 2015 Permalink

Jeff Atwood: "Why I'm The Best Programmer In The World*"

If software development is an area of interest to you, you should read Jeff’s short article - I’d quote it here, but I would really just be quoting the whole thing, and that wouldn’t do anybody any good! Let’s just say that it’s an article that really resonates with me and my experiences as a software developer for the past four years. 1

I do want to talk about this though:

When interviewing candidates for programming positions, I always look for someone who is brave enough to say “I don’t know” when they need to. Candidates who can’t or won’t do this get red flagged; those types of programmers are dangerous. “Can-do” attitiudes [sic] have a superficial allure, but they’re actually poison in our field.

I’m hardly a veteran of the software development world, but I’ve seen many occasions where we got into trouble because someone didn’t recognize that they didn’t know what they were doing, or because they said “sure, we can do that” to everything that was requested of them. To be a good programmer, you have to know both your limitations and the limitations of your environment. To gloss over either is to invite a trainwreck.

  1. No, I’m not saying I’m a programming god - read the article and you’ll know what I mean! -