Jim Cloudman

Web Tiles for Microsoft Band

July 10, 2015 Permalink

Web Tiles for Microsoft Band

Make a watch app by publishing a JSON feed? As a software developer, that’s the most useful thing I’ve seen in quite a while. Making a watch app for iOS takes a considerable amount of time, no matter how simple. I could build a tile for the Microsoft Band in half an hour.

An app has considerably more capability, but are you going to write an app just to show you how many applications have spit out error messages in the last day? Or report the unique visitor count for a site you’re running? It’s not justifiable to spend a week on something when you’re the only person who benefits, but 30 minutes is nothing.

Of course, you could just pull out your phone and launch the quick-and-dirty web app that you made. But what fun would that be? Now I just need to wait for this kind of thing to make it to Apple Watch, or for Microsoft to make a wearable device that I actually like.